some time," she told Australia's Fairfax Media. Paris Prosecutor Serge Mackowiak said this was based
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allowed a thief to break into their room and swipe two watches worth $80,000. Oliver Ripley and Jeisa
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Wong and other key leaders, which drove more people into the streets. Two days later, on Sept. 28, police
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the dollar against other currencies, lifting the dollar's index against a basket of six major currencies
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(or whoever) aired out the New Orleans Saints' alleged dirty laundry in a stunning Twitter dump. Clearly,
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or unique markings that would put the link beyond doubt. Investigators looking at the wing flap are likely
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the blood stream and, without the swelling, its symptoms of fever, chills and abdominal pain, can look
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consumer needs, but there are five printers in the EcoTank family, each with progressively more features
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barrister we instructed to represent Myra Forde, that the prosecution had witness problems. She said:
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her restraints as she sat on the sidewalk waiting for sheriff’s deputies to arrive, video of the
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after she refused to answer questions at two House Oversight hearings. "The IRS is fully committed to making
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its chicks in their natural habitat. "It's really a unique opportunity to see into the world of a condor
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the rivals each had half an eye on the weekend. The game started off brightly enough, the fill-ins eager
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birdie. Depending on the pin position, playing from the rough wasn't a bad spot to be. The key is to putt
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up to 43% of Kenya's GDP now flows through its mobile money channels. "Africans are more used to the
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of subscriber losses at its flagship ESPN sports network. Other channel operators also saw shares drop.
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for North Dakota State." Larsen said the decision should allow his coaches to stay competitive on the
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the peace and two counts of being a felon in illegal possession of guns. Soldiers reported gunshots Tuesday
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had to contend with criticism levelled at his administration's handling of Thailand's flagging economy
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night after the game. “Kaiser’s family has been there both times, and seeing the family there
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and to suppress recurring depression in people who have suffered severe depression or depression that
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Industry Association, as many as 26 blast furnaces in Tangshan have been closed from July for overhauls,
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plodding through the vegetation. So huge were these creatures that Owen ostentatiously held a British
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a total of just five hits. “There were a number of pitches that weren’t cleanly handled,
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ruling on the matter. This implied that Google would have to meet this request on all the local versions
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The notes will have maturities of five and seven yearsand could be increased by 350 million reais pending
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executives decided what to show. Before the shooting was three hours old, CNN began showing WDBJ's footage
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of tickets went on sale in March, with prices ranging from 40 reais ($11.50) to 4,600 reais ($1,318)
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week the ACLU reported that after the threat of a lawsuit, Mercy Medical Center in Redding approved the
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